Dux Bak Liquid Leather Conditioner, 4oz.


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Dux Bak Leather Conditioner

A century old formula for conditioning and maintaining your smooth leather and gear. Dux Bak Leather Conditioner protects, softens, preserves and waterproofs your leather products.

Vopeli is offering dux bak leather conditioner at reasonable prices and helps you keep your leather products protected against weather conditions. It will help keep retain the shine of leather and extend its life in an effortless way. This liquid solution is 100% safe and helps you maintain leather smoothly. This conditioner is made for leathers only and preserves it natural look without any hurdles. Our website provides a complete product description and ensures you get the best product right away. If you are someone, who wants to own a leather collection, then get this conditioner to retain its look seamlessly.