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  • cares for and protects sensitive materials in an instant
  • for smooth and suede leather, synthetics and material mix
  • especially suitable for materials that must not be polished (used look, limed finishes)
  • also ideal for perforated leathers and woven leathers that cannot be creamed
  • cares deeply and refines the surface
  • gives smooth leather a fine shine without polishing it out
  • preserves the velvety shimmer of suede leather
  • color-neutral/multicolored

More about Tamaris FRESH-UP SPRAY

The Tamaris FRESH UP SPRAY cares for and protects your favorite shoes with an instant effect. It is perfect for delicate looks (antique, whitewashed, color-finished) that must not be polished and is therefore suitable for smooth and suede leather. It also makes the colors of your shoes shine and gives a fine shine. We recommend you to test the color fastness of the material in advance on a hidden place. Multicolor.

Tip: After treating suede, brush the shoe with the Tamaris Combi Brush.


  • Test color fastness of material before use on concealed area.
  • If the shoe finish allows polishing:
  • Allow FRESH-UP SPRAY to soak for 5 min before polishing.
  • Use only in well ventilated areas!

Hazard properties according to legal requirements

Signal word: Danger!

Flamme Achtung Umwelt

Hazard warnings:

H222 Extremely flammable aerosol.
H229 Pressurised container: May burst if heated.
H315 Causes skin irritation.
H336 May cause drowsiness or dizziness.
H411 Toxic to aquatic life with long lasting effects.

Safety instructions:

Without sufficient ventilation formation of explosive mixtures may be possible.

Ingredients: Hydrocarbons, C6-C7, n-alkanes, isoalkanes, cyclics, <5% n-hexane

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