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  • white shoe care for sneakers
  • liquid emulsion
  • easy to apply with the sponge applicator
  • cares and colors opaque
  • waterproof and abrasion resistant
  • for white shoes made of smooth leather, textiles, synthetics or material combinations

More about Tamaris LIQUID WHITE

Summer, sun, bright white shoes! White shoes are actually not particularly sensitive or more susceptible to soiling than other colors, it just stands out more. With the right care, the hip fresh look of your white shoes will stay. LIQUID WHITE effectively refreshes white shoes of all smooth leather, synthetic and material combinations. Scratches and abrasion marks or walking creases are covered in white.

Our advice for material mixes: more often there are also nubuck elements on the shoe. Liquid White also works with nubuck, but after drying, the velvety character of the material is lost. It then appears smoother. So it’s a matter of deciding: with these velour applications, would you rather keep the velvety nubuck effect or go back to a bright white?

In any case, Liquid White creates a wow effect: your shoes are given a neat and opaque white color – for an all-round glamorous appearance. This is how white shoes stay white.


  • Press applicator briefly so that the valve opens,
  • apply a thin layer evenly

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