Tarrago Leather Cream Tube Applicator

Tarrago Leather Cream Tube Applicator

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Category: Shoe Care & Accessories

Tarrago Leather Cream is a water-solvent based cream, fluorine and beeswax ** enriched, which cleans, nourishes, shines and maintains the color of the leather.

Its fluorine content provides a powerful waterproofing effect.

Tarrago Leather Cream is enriched with fluorine, which provides water and stains repellency.

The beeswax ** (5-6 % of the total of waxes) nourishes and softens the leather, providing a natural polished finish.

Thanks to its top-quality pigments, revives the original color of the leather.

75 ml / 1,69 fl.oz tube.
Available in 5 colors.
Suitable for smooth leather and synthetic leather.
Also available: Tarrago Leather Cream Tube

ColorDark Brown, Navy, Black, Black, Medium Brown, Neutral

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