Tarrago Maxi Pro-Shine

Tarrago Maxi Pro-Shine

USD $7.99

Category: Shoe Care & Accessories

Tarrago Maxi-Pro-shine is a cleaning sponge soaked with a silicone and wax- based self-shine liquid providing instant shine. For smooth and synthetic leather.

One of the main characteristics of the sponge is own packaging helps its preservation and application. The back part, attached to the sponge allows apply the product without touching the sponge. The cover fits perfectly with the back, giving the perfect close, to maintain the sponge and preventing the sponge from drying, to preserve its shiny properties.

Measures: 50 x 34 x 59cm
Pack: 20 units.

Tarrago Maxi Pro-Shine for purchases of 20 units, we send free the product display, to expose the product at the retail point.

ColorBlack, Neutral

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