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Tarrago Quick Color

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Category: Shoe Care & Accessories

Tarrago Quick Color is a Water-Based repair dye for smooth leather. Its high concentration of high-quality pigments provides a very coverage capacity, helps to repair damage scrapes or scratches caused by daily use wear.

Can be applied on smooth leather. His formulation provides a resistant result to friction in both dry and wet weather conditions.

Rage of 90 standard color and metallic!

Choose from a wide range of color available in the color chart. Select the color closest to the original color of the shoe or accessory you want to repair.

Fast dry. Ready in 3 minutes.
25 ml bottle / 0,90 fl.oz (contains sponge applicator).
Repairs approximately 3 to 5 pairs of shoes.
Range of 90 standard colors and metallic.
Not suitable for suede or nubuck.

ColorDark Brown, Bright Red, Navy, Black, Medium Brown, Amber Brown, Red, Gabardine, Rose, Lemon, Dark Green, Ivory, Pale Mauve, Dark Taupe Gray, Cognac, Silver, Antique Silver, Gold, Old Gold, Platinum, High Gold, Nevada, Shell, Aubergine, Morello Cherry, White, Oyster, Smoke, Parchment, Dark Beige, String, Camel, Lion, Sand-Coloured, Wood, Cocoa, Lemon Cream, Sulphur, Stem, Yellow Ochre, Amber, Apricot, Tigerlily, Rose Cloud, Pale Pink, Orchid, Wild Rose, Carmine, Prune, Wine, Lavender, Purple, Mulberry Purple, Ice Blue, Sky, Aquamarine, Baby Blue, Stewardess, Classic Blue, Overseas, Blue, Caribbean Blue, Turquoise, Lint, Willow Green, Kiwi Green, Spinach Green, Intense Green, Forest Green, Olive, Off White, Light Grey, Grey, Dark Mink, Earth, Pink Beige, Natural Leather, Biscuit, Hazelnut, Cooper Brown, Medium Tobacco Brown, Habano, Cordovan, Dark Mahogany, Hunting Green, Luxury Orange, Salmon, Purplish, Blue Base, Apple Green

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