Tarrago Self Shine Cream

Tarrago Self Shine Cream

Tarrago Self Shine Cream is composed of a soft-wax based self-shine cream enriched with natural carnauba wax*, which nourishes and shines instantly without polishing.

Available in 1 kg / 35,3 oz.
Available in 4 colors.
Suitable for smooth leather, natural or synthetic.
Not suitable for suede and nubuck.

Tarrago Self Shine Cream is enriched with carnauba wax* (5%), also known as “the queen of waxes”, because of providing a lasting shine and ensuring waterproof protection. Hydro alcoholic base formula with no oils or silicones content. Oils nourish but may also darken the leather. Silicones usually provide shine and/or waterproofing, but some of them may also obstruct the leather pore, avoiding natural breathability.

ColorBlack, Dark Brown, Medium Brown, Neutral

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